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Guess The Brand Logo Mania Level 28 Answers, Cheats with Game developed by IcoMania - Logo Quiz - Logos Quiz for Android and.
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Figure of waving man made of tires.

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Letter L and enlarged letter O in black. Black swoosh. Letter C and enlarged letter K in black. Letter M in blue and white stripes. Red roof on top. Letter V and W in a blue roundel.

Logo Quiz Ultimate Level 28 Answers - App Game Answers

Blue movie ticket. Letter B in purple pink. Letters C and o in black. Five-sided red colored shape. Letters o and s in black. Ihr wollt Level 11 lieber als Video sehen? Dann klickt hier. Ihr wollt Level 13 lieber als Video sehen?

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Ihr wollt Level 15 lieber als Video sehen? Ihr wollt Level 17 lieber als YouTube-Video sehen? Ihr wollt Level 19 lieber als YouTube-Video sehen? Dann schaut es euch hier an. Schaut ihr inzwischen das Video! Bei Windows Phone geht es auch nach dem Update vom Level 27 u. Level 28 bringt uns z.

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Check out this game! There are 5 types of games you can create right now: Guess the Picture This involves showing one picture and guessing who or what it is. Guess the Hidden Picture In this game, you cover the picture using tiles so only a small part of it is visible.

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Well Done This screen appears when the gamer type answers correctly. Hints If the gamer is stuck on the level, they can use hints. Hints cost earned coins.

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Main Menu Here the gamer can switch off sounds and contact support to the email address that you provide , and so on. How Will You Make Money? You make money from ads placed in the games.